1. When I first met Sifu Leung Shum in 1980, I was honored to be in the presence of an "old school" martial arts master. Sifu always demonstrated that maintaining the tradition was more important than commercialism. Sifu Shum's commitment to his students and his willingness to share the depth and secrets of the art distinguished him from other teachers.


 —Richard, student for over 25 years



2. Eagle Claw is such a unique and beautiful style...that, in and of itself makes YJP special.  The other main thing that sets YJP apart from other schools is that we truly are a family.  I love all my Kung Fu brothers and sisters and I know that they all care about me.  That is such a great feeling to have when you walk through the door to train.


 —Nicole, martial arts student since 2001



3. I always wanted to study kung fu, and when I watched the class, I knew right away, "This is what I want to study." The people are so kind...it's like a family.


—Yvette, student since 2004



4. Like most people my age, I'd secretly wanted to learn martial arts ever since I was a kid and I watched Kung Fu on TV and Karate Kid in the movie theaters. When I finally decided to do it, I chose Ying Jow Pai for a couple of reasons. One reason is that the class I saw was intense. What passes for warm-up here would have been the whole class at another school. The second and most important reason is that the teachers were accessible and down-to-earth, and everyone got individual attention. At other schools, I saw students teaching students, but at Ying Jow Pai, everyone learns directly from the master.


—Tania, student since 2001