The Father Form of the
Eagle Claw System


Hung Kuen Applications
for Self-Defense

with Master Benson Lee

Book only - $30
Book & DVD - $50

This high quality, wire bound, 56 page book includes step by step instructions and photos of each move of the Eagle Claw form, Hung Kuen. Sold alone, or with companion video filmed at a seminar presented by Master Benson Lee at Ying Jow Pai Headquarters in 2024. The 75 minute DVD features Master Lee teaching a variety of ways to use many techniques found in the form, with emphasis on basic eagle claw principles.




by Master Shum

This ring-bound edition of Master Leung Shum’s 1985 publication Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Gah Gee has been reformatted and extensively edited, for both accuracy and ease of use. The book features step-by-step instructions for the slow form, and also includes a new section on push hands.


SPECIAL OFFER! Book plus the full 4 DVD set of Master Shum's Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan videos:

1 - Basics & Slow Form;   2 - Push Hands;   3 - Self‑Defense, Volume 1;   4 - Self‑Defense, Volume 2


Book only - $30
Book with DVD set - $90




Classical Northern Chinese Fist

Grandmaster Shum published the original version of EAGLE CLAW KUNG FU Classical Northern Chinese Fist 40 years ago. It was the first book written in English about this ancient art, introducing tens of thousands of people to Ying Jow Pai and the art of kung fu. Long out of print, this important manual has become a highly sought-after collector’s item in the world of martial arts. The original manuscript and photos were lost for many years, but were recently found in Hong Kong by Ng Kwan Pok, son of Ying Jow Pai Great Grandmaster Ng Wai Nung.


The 2020 edition contains the history of Ying Jow Pai, details of the complete basic training program, eagle claw fighting techniques, step-by-step photo instruction of the form Law Hon Kuen (Buddha Fist), plus Grandmaster Shum's thoughts and observations about both eagle claw kung fu and martial arts in general. Some parts have been reformatted and include new material to expand and supplement the teaching. The book is spiral bound, allowing it to be actively used for training without harming the binding.


A special edition includes a DVD* with archival footage of Grandmaster Shum teaching much of the training content of the manual: basics, eagle claw walking, eagle claw fighting principles 1 - 7, and the form Law Hon Kuen.


*NOTE: The instruction on this DVD is culled from Grandmaster Shum’s Eagle Claw instructional DVDs. If you have purchased these DVDs you may already have some or all of the material presented in this DVD.

Book only - $20
Book with DVD - $40
Autographed book with DVD - $60

The famous videos that helped spread Shum's Ying Jow Pai across the world. Featuring instruction by Grandmaster Shum Leung and his top students